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Why Is It Important to Redo Your Soffit?

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Derived from the Latin term “to fix underneath,” the soffit is the exposed surface below the overhanging section of a roof’s eave. Just like the term states, your soffit plays a significant role in keeping a home in excellent condition – but it can only do that when it’s in great condition itself.

Here are the top four reasons why it’s important to redo the soffit on your home or business.

  1. Mould Prevention
    With its location directly underneath the roof, maintaining your soffit has a direct benefit for your roof, too. When a roof’s wooden frame is exposed to rain, mould can begin to form. In no time at all, the mould can lead to wood rot, causing costly roof repairs.Since replacing soffits is more affordable than replacing your roof, do everything you can to keep them in great condition! Regularly inspect your soffits and fascia to see if they are allowing water into your roof void. If they are, contact a soffit professional to repair or replace the soffit before further damage can occur.
  2. Air VentilationDue to the small holes found in its typically plain design, the soffit helps keep a constant airflow between your roof and attic. Good quality soffits can drastically help improve an attic’s ventilation by releasing heat from your attic during the summer and preventing moisture from entering during the colder, wetter months. Soffits also help maintain the efficiency of air conditioners, keeping your energy costs lower. A properly ventilated attic can play a major role in the overall comfort of your home or business, so it’s important to note if soffits have become blocked or damaged.
  3. Moisture EvaporationTypically composed of vinyl, a soffit’s composition can withstand constant heat and moisture exposure. This is why a soffit is suitable for wet weather conditions and can handle moisture caused by unkempt gutters. By limiting the amount of moisture that enters an attic, soffits can help prevent the build-up of condensation.
  4. Critters and InsectsWithout a well-maintained soffit, your home’s attic can quickly become a new home for animals and insects. With its natural protection from the elements, critters like to inhabit soffit during the winter months, although the rest of the year isn’t off-limits, either. During the warmer temperatures, pests view your soffit and fascia as prime real estate for building their nests, which can lead to noise disturbance and roof damage. If you notice any cracks or holes in your soffit, repair or replace it as soon as possible.

The Bottom Line

Sure, a building’s soffit adds to its overall architectural design – but reasons for keeping it in great condition go far beyond maintaining visual appeal.

If you’re concerned that the soffit on your home or business needs to be replaced, contact us today. We’ll schedule one of our qualified installers to provide you with a no-obligation quote and provide you with more information on soffit replacement.

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