When & Why To Replace Your Old Vinyl Siding With A New One?

Common Signs Your Soffit Needs Repair

A superior quality vinyl siding can last for many decades. However, you need to conduct regular maintenance so that it doesn’t melt, fade, get warped, or grow mildew. Homeowners often hire professional vinyl siding replacement services in Mississauga for periodic repair or replacement.

Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Old Vinyl Siding With A New One:

Poor Quality Installation – Vinyl sidings happen to expand and contract due to sudden temperature fluctuations. This cannot be an issue if your siding has been installed correctly. If the siding has been nailed to the fasteners in a very tight way, the siding will naturally start to buckle or warp. The nails can pop and create ugly bulges on the outer side of the siding.

You can find out if your vinyl siding was installed properly by moving the panels horizontally for almost half an inch. If you are unable to do this, it is better to fix the problems or replace the warped vinyl siding.

Melting Siding Due to Heat – You may have a yearly grill party outdoors as a summer tradition. But, make sure your vinyl siding doesn’t melt. It is advisable to keep your grill activities at least ten to fifteen feet away from your home’s exterior deck area. Grilling near or too close to your house can be bad for the siding. The heat arising from the grill can melt or warp your exterior siding.

Melting of the vinyl siding can also happen when it is relentlessly exposed to harsh UV rays. Most homeowners feel that vinyl sidings get warped during outdoor grilling sessions.

Damage Caused By Water – As a responsible homeowner, you should keep an eye on the exterior siding all through the year. If you notice gray or black spots on the siding, it could be a sign of mildew or mold. In such a case, you need to call the vinyl siding repair services immediately.

Many repair companies may offer power washing to remove mold, but it can be quite harmful. Power washing can force the water to reach underneath your siding and unknowingly trap all the water content inside. And in a few days, you can experience an increase in the growth of mold and mildew.

Can Pests And Insects Cause Damage To The Siding?

It may be rare, but it is very much possible that bugs and termites can decide to live underneath your vinyl siding. Termites may love to live inside rotting wood. Periodic maintenance can root out such issues. You can check for pest damage by taking a sharp object and gently pushing the tip against the siding. If the sharp tip easily enters the siding, you may have a pest or insect problem.

You may need to ring the pest control service provider if you have a rotting siding with insect damage. Once all the bugs have been destroyed, you can think about replacing the old vinyl siding with a brand-new one.

Look Out For Structural Damage

It is very unusual for a home property to move slightly, but you cannot rule it out. Sometimes, old buildings may move or create shifts in the core structure. If it happens, the vinyl siding can also bulge out or buckle.

All these above-mentioned points can be resolved by approaching a reputed siding repair and replacement company. Studio Aluminum can be your one-stop shop, our team can pay a visit and inspect your siding to provide an ideal solution.

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