When to ExchangeYour Old Aluminum Siding With A Brand New One

Aluminum siding is acknowledged for its permanency and cost-efficacy. This makes it a prevalent choice among homeowners. You can increase the aesthetic value of your house with the aluminum siding services, in very less time. This material is energy-efficient, which causes a significant decrease in utility bills. This siding can last more than 30 years.

However, the material has its share of wear and tear and might need to be replaced with new siding. Here are a few quick signs to check if your old siding has to make way for a new one:

Denting and Scraping

Aluminum is a soft, lightweight metal, and is thus more likely to get dents and scrapes. If you see considerable denting and scraping in your siding, you need to get them replaced. Your aluminum siding might get dents from accidents like a car hitting it mistakenly or a cycle ramming it. Adverse weather like hailstorms and heavy rain may also cause scrapes or dents in the siding. If the damage is irreparable, it’s time to get a new aluminum siding for your property.


Chalking is the white powder-like buildup that you can see on the surface of your aluminum siding. With varied weather changes, these white chalky substances grow on the paint surface of your siding. You need to clean them up regularly by hand scrubbing or using power washing. You can then rinse the powder off. However, if this doesn’t stop and increases gradually with more exposure to the sun, the color will also start to fade significantly. Then you will know it’s time to go for a new one.

Color Fading

If you notice the color from the siding has dimmed significantly, you need to give your home a new siding. This color fading is possible when the siding has been used for many years. Color mainly fades due to exposure to the sun for a prolonged period. If the aesthetic beauty of the house is affected due to the faded color, it’s time you take the help of professionals offering alumni siding services. Your home will get a makeover with the new siding and the dated look due to faded color, will go away.


Aluminum corrodes over time when exposed to moisture. For aluminum siding, the corrosion occurs more around the seams where water seeps in. You should check for signs of corrosion on your siding. A protective coating might decrease the rate of corrosion as it will keep rain from directly falling on the aluminum surface. But if most of your siding has corroded, you must opt for new siding.

Increased Utility Bills

A good aluminum siding is supposed to keep your house energy efficient. Reduced utility bills are a sign that your siding is doing its job well. Aluminum is a good insulator and its siding can give your home proper insulation. This in turn reduces the electricity bills drastically.

If you find a change in these utility bills, that is if you see them increasing significantly, check your aluminum siding. The insulation is not working properly and hence the rise in bills. Then you should install a new one by taking professional aluminum siding services.

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