Issues Faced by Homeowners with Fascias and Soffits

Fascias and soffits are a vital part of the roofing structure of any property. However, there are certain issues that homeowners face over time, due to these components. If these parts are not maintained properly at regular intervals, they can damage the entire roof structure.

Homeowners planning to use fascia and soffit services for their roofing system need to know the issues that might arise in the long run. Check out some of them along with the solutions required to fix them:

Flaking Paint

Peeling of paint is one of the most common issues that are faced by property owners. The soffits and fascias lose their shine under varying weather conditions like heat and cold. The wooden fascias and soffits are more susceptible to flaking paints than the uPVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride) ones.

How to Fix:

Yearly maintenance of the wooden soffits and fascias is necessary as they tend to flake more due to extreme weather conditions. You can paint them every year or to make it more economical, you can install uPVC components. They are more resistant compared to the timber ones.

Blistering due to Excessive Heat

In places with excessive heat, blisters or bubbles form on the paint surfaces.Over time, high temperatures can lead to harm. Some reasons for this blistering include insufficient ventilation, preparation of surface not being up to the mark, and use of low-quality paints.

How to Fix:

You have to remove the blisters from the paint’s surface to repair the thing. You can do so with a scraper. The surface should not be wet or dirty. Sand the areas where the blisters have been cleaned, to smoothen the surface. It is best to use paint that is weather-resistant and suitable for external use.

You can take the help of fascia and soffit services to ensure that there is proper ventilation and the paint is applied in the right way.

Decomposing of Soffit and Fascia

Wooden soffit and fascia incline to decay over time. They can be rotting at places, especially where there is damp. There are different factors like pest infestation, moisture exposure and rain which lead to the decomposition of these components. If left untreated, they can cause further rot and damage your roof.

How to Fix

Thoroughly inspect the entire system and find out the damaged wood. Then remove the rotten wood completely so that it cannot cause any further damage. You can either install a new piece of wood for the fascia and soffit or change it with an uPVC one, to increase the durability of the components. This is mainly because they are more weather resistant and will decay at a much lesser rate as compared to wooden ones.

Invasion by Pests

Pest invasion is a common issue faced by majority of the homeowners. If the soffit is not sealed properly or it is damaged, it is often invaded by rats, insects or even birds. The structure itself stands the chance of getting damaged. If not taken care of, they can create extensive damage.  

How to Fix

Pest control should be effectively carried out by specialists. Then you need to repair the damaged part of the soffit and make the structure a durable one.

While you can handle these issues yourself, it is better to get in touch with professionals for a better process. You can reach out to professionals at Studio Aluminum, to get your fascia and soffit issues resolved in no time.

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