4 Myths about Soffit & Fascia Ventilation You Should Be Aware Of

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Roof ventilation is critical for all houses. Much like people, homes also need to breathe and let the humid air out.

Soffit & Fascia installation ensures regular and optimal roof ventilation to keep your home free from molds and mildew. However, people often get swayed by several misconceptions about attic ventilation. Here are a few of them which you should be aware of. 

Myth 1: More Is Better Is True For Attic Ventilation

Most people think that the higher the number of vents on the soffit & Fascia, the better it is for the house. While more is better stands true for many things, for attic ventilation, it does not hold true. The simple reason is the attic ventilation does not have a thumb rule to follow.

 It all depends on your home’s roof structure, area, and angle of inclination.  A specific variety of soffit ventilation that works optimally for one property might not be ideal for your home. Therefore, hire the best Soffit Installation services in Mississauga to choose the most fitting Soffit & Fascia variety for your home or office. 

Myth 2: Soffit & Fascia Vents Are Necessary In Hot Climate Zones

It is a common misconception that attic ventilation is critical in hot climatic zones. In reality, almost all types of climatic conditions require ventilated homes and premises. There is no denying that roof ventilation is critical for hot regions for summertime energy efficiency.

But, similarly, cold regions also require roof ventilation to let the interior moisture out. When it snows, your roof might have a layer of frost on it and the inner layer of the attic might remain warmer.

This condition causes condensation and leads to the growth of mold and mildew. Therefore, roof ventilation or soffit& fascia ventilation is necessary for all climatic zones. 

Myth 3: Warm Air Escapes through Vents Jeopardizing Room Heating

Hot air moves up but seldom escapes through your soffit vents. In reality, if your home’s insulation is working optimally, roof vents will not play foul. No matter if you use a fireplace or a room heater; the heat will not escape through the vents exhausting the heating systems. 

As a result, the room interior will remain comfortable for a long time and condensation will not take place. To be more precise, the true threat here could be a lack of insulation and the absence of vents and not its presence.

Do You Need Professionals for Soffit& Fascia Installation?

Once you know that soffit& fascia vents can only help your home breathe and are ideal for all seasons, it is time to install them. But, you should always rely on the experts for this task.

As mentioned earlier, different roofs and building structures need different Soffit &Fascia varieties. Only the professionals who deal with these things regularly would know which variety would suit your home or office the best.

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